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AI Hardware is driving the largest wave of design activity in decades. Taming the enormous computational complexity of AI, and the wide application of AI is a very fertile ground for new ideas and startups. Converting these ideas into working hardware circuits is the core value of Design Automation, and the major technical focus of DAC.  
DAC is the home for AI hardware IP, AI design automation and everything in between TensorFlow idea and silicon chip implementation. 
Join us at the 57th DAC in the AI Pavilion – participation is limited. The AI Pavilion is located directly next to the ever popular DAC Pavilion with over 17 presentations spread out over 3-days. Each day featuring AI/Machine Learning design topics. Don’t miss this opportunity when DAC returns to San Francisco! Complete the application.
Questions? Contact us at or call Zach Erickson at 630.929.7934.