Hack@DAC: The DAC 2019 Hardware Security Contest

Hack@DAC is a hardware-security competition for students and industry experts. This year’s competition focuses on the trustworthiness of System-on-Chips (SoCs), which is undermined by security bugs in third-party IPs (3PIPs) and vulnerabilities emerging from their integration. When exploited, a bug may cause system failure or create a backdoor for the attacker to gain remote access and leak secrets from the system. The goal of this competition is to develop strategies and computer-aided tools for assessing trustworthiness of SoCs that use 3PIPs. Participating teams in the contest mimic the role of a security validation team. Given an SoC with known vulnerabilities, the teams will compete to find and report the bugs, and will earn points for doing so. Student and industry teams are invited to register. Registration ends on Jan. 29. More details can be found at this link here