Late Breaking Results Submissions

DAC is adding a new Late-Breaking-Results (LBR) submission category. LBR provides authors an opportunity to announce new findings that were not available during DAC’s regular paper submission process.

LBR broadly covers all seven technical categories at DAC: (1) automotive electronics design and design automation, (2) design of electronics and systems, (3) embedded systems and software, (4) electronics design automation, (5) Internet of Things, (6) machine learning and artificial intelligence, and (7) security and privacy. Authors should submit a one-page summary describing the motivation, the proposed approach, and the significant findings. The summary should emphasize the technical novelty of the work and demonstrate its feasibility and efficacy by experimental results. To facilitate blind review, no author information should be disclosed on the one-page summary.

If an LBR submission is accepted, the authors will give a 5-minute oral presentation and present a poster at DAC. A 100-word abstract will be published on the DAC website, but no paper will be included in the official DAC proceedings. As an LBR presentation at DAC is not considered a regular DAC publication, LBR authors are free to submit a full paper of their work elsewhere.