Design Infrastructure Alley Presentation Opportunities

DAC 2020’s Design Infrastructure Alley brings together suppliers and professionals who enable and manage the complex hardware/software infrastructure that is needed to support the design of complex chips and systems. The electronic product design ecosystem is a critical driver of the multi-trillion dollar worldwide market for electronics. Without powerful computers and automation tools that allow complex systems to be created and designed, new and innovative electronic products would never make it to market. The Design Infrastructure Alley and Design-on-Cloud Theater offer a unique opportunity for professionals to learn how to optimize the environment they have today and to connect with suppliers on how they can embrace the next generation of technology. 
The Design Infrastructure Alley adds the following topic areas to the discussion at DAC 2020 in San Francisco.
Grid Computing
Storage Management
Data Security
License Management
Opportunity for Presentations and Panel Discussions
The Design Infrastructure Alley features a dedicated theater (Design-on-Cloud Theater) for presentations and panel discussions. A limited number of 45-minute speaking slots and panel discussions are available. Exhibitors located in the Design Infrastructure Alley have highest priority for the available slots as the cost of the speaking opportunity is included with each exhibit space rental in the Design Infrastructure Alley.
Other participants are invited to apply for the remaining speaking or panel discussion slots. The organizing committee will evaluate each proposal for its relevance and contribution to the topic of Design Infrastructure. The organizing committee also reserves the right to solicit invited speakers to present in the theater.
Participants in any of the topic areas as listed above are invited to submit presentation or panel discussion proposals that describe experiences, best practices, innovations, limitations and future directions. Presentation proposals should be focused on furthering the discussion and exchange of ideas in the topic areas and not product-focused sales presentations.