Tutorial Proposals

DAC is looking for timely, relevant and tangible hands-on topics that provide immediate value and learning for its attendees on design, methodology, design automation fundamentals, as well as automotive electronics, hardware and embedded system security, and Internet of Things.

This year, the tutorial program will feature several different tutorial formats which will benefit design and design automation engineers. DAC tutorials can be 1.5 or 3 hour tutorial sessions which will be held on Monday, June 25th.

This format enables attendees to participate in multiple tutorials, as well as in other DAC activities. In addition, DAC attendees will have the opportunity to learn about two different topics during that day.

Sample Topic Areas:

  • Traditional EDA topics (e.g., "How to architect a parallel timing analyzer")
  • Hot design topics (e.g. "How to design a low-power memory controller")
  • Hot design flow and methodology topics (e.g. “How to code a reference flow in Tcl and Tk”)
  • Emerging software development topics (e.g. "How to get started writing iPhone apps")

DAC reserves the right to restructure all tutorial suggestions.