Workshop Proposals

DAC invites you to submit a workshop on emerging topics related to design, design methodologies, and design automation, as well as automotive electronics, hardware and embedded system security, and Internet of Things.

Workshop proposals should address topics which span the interest of many suppliers and users, and are not specific to a single vendor for advertisement or endorsement of their technology.

A workshop is a focused meeting spanning from two to nine hours, gathering together 30 or more people interested in a common topic related to design, design methodologies, and design automation for intense discussion and information exchange. All workshops will be held on Sunday, June 24th at the Moscone West Center.

Workshops should have a good balance of multiple speakers from different companies presenting their ideas and perspectives, and should solicit alternative ideas for discussion.

Alternatively, if you envision holding an event where one or more teachers instruct an audience on an interesting topic, then please submit a Tutorial Proposal instead of a Workshop Proposal.